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18 March 2009 @ 03:38 pm
First of all, Welcome at asian_pv!

I made this community for you to find PVs a way easier and I'll try to find the HQ ones. XD


- You must agree on those rules for me accepting you to join.
- All the PV/MV will be upload with MU or MF only. If you have any questions, problems or want to report if a link is down or broken, go to issues. I'll answer the faster I can and fix it!
- Before requesting, please look at the master list, if it's not already there.
- Request must be post in the request page! Don't harass me if I have it I'll upload it with pleasure.
- Last but not least, be friendly each others and enjoy!~



Sorry for not answering you guys, my compu had a crash down and I lost everything... So actually I'm trying to re-organise the community and try to re-upload/upload some recent PV/MV, and then, I'll answer to everyone who commented here and will ask you to send an invitation again if you're still interested with the community! -^^-

I'm still very sorry about everything!! TT Hope to see you soon <3
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